14677236 Robert BURNS, 3 Welsh Guards

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    Guardsman BURNS, ROBERT
    Service Number 14677236
    Died 04/05/1945
    Aged 19
    3rd Bn. Welsh Guards
    Son of Robert and Annie Burns, of Doncaster, Yorkshire.
    Location: Italy
    Number of casualties: 1887
    Cemetery/memorial reference: III, B, 4.
    See cemetery plan

    Died of wounds
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    Your man I think.

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    Do you have a date for this newspaper article? I ask because the Coriano Ridge battles were fought in Sep 44 and yet he is buried in the Coriano Ridge CWGC cemetery in May 45.

    I suspect that he was wounded further north and brought to a Field or General Hospital near Rimini.


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    Casualty lists have him wounded on 25.4.45 and then died of wounds 4.5.45.
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    What warped sense of humour put a Robert Burns into a Welsh unit?
    ... and dying so close to the end of the War...

    From Tony56's information, possibly there was an incident somewhere near Padua and this chap is the only other 3rd Bn casualty between 1st April and 5 May 1945 and may have Died of Wounds f involved in whatever happened on 24th...
    MORRIS, WILLIAM EVERARD. Guardsman. Service Number 2736782. Died 27/04/1945. Aged 32.
    3rd Bn. Welsh Guards
    Son of Thomas and Mary Eleanor Morris, of Shrewsbury, Shropshire.
    Buried at PADUA WAR CEMETERY Plot IV. Row D. Grave 9.

    Someone may have the War Diary?

    If you place your cursor on the clipping, it shows Doncaster Gazette 24 May 1945
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    Frank the article is from the Doncaster Gazette 24th May 1945 page 4. Incedently he lived a few hundred yards from where I presently live. Regards. Jim.
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    Have you tried contacting dbf directly as she may have the WD's

    Found this post on another thread which might be useful - 3rd Battalion Welsh Guards
    A good read about 3rd battalion is, an ensign in Italy, a platoon commanders story . ( by philip brutton.) lots of detail in there,from 1943 until the end of the war. my great uncle served in 3rd battalion until his death at san marco 1944. this book is dedicated to him and two others.it was his platoon commander who wrote the book. great read.


    Ensign in Italy by Brutton Philip - AbeBooks
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