1399299 Sergeant Frank Henry Baker Navigator 40 Squadron RAF Aged 24

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    :poppy: 70 Years Ago Today :poppy:

    Remembering with pride my Uncle Frank and the crew of Wellington LP127-P who lost their lives on a mountainside south-east of Laviano, Italy at 0100 hrs on 25th May 1944.

    1800908 Sergeant Frederick John Broad Aged 22 Pilot
    1399299 Sergeant Frank Henry Baker Aged 24 Navigator
    1604379 Sergeant Richard Roy Clements Bartram Aged 30 Wireless Operator/Gunner
    R/144997 W/O Pascal Albert Joseph Desico (RCAF) Aged 27 Bomb Aimer
    1693660 Sergeant Kenneth James Nuttycombe Aged 21 Rear Gunner

    "Some corner of a foreign field....."

    The night of the 24th was very stormy and unsettled and 67 aircraft from the squadrons of 205 Group based at the Foggia group of airstrips on Italy's eastern plane were briefed on a mission to bomb targets around Valmontone on the west coast. Valmontone was targeted because of its strategic importance on the road between Cassino and Rome.

    Conditions were atrocious with electrical storms but the raid went ahead and ten Wellingtons of 40 Squadron based at Foggia Main took off at regular intervals between 21-50 and 22-28 and Wellington LP127-P with Sergeant Fred Broad at the controls was airborne at 22-08.

    Nine aircraft returned between midnight and 2-00 a.m. and all reported aborted missions due to impossible weather conditions. Typical log entries were, "Unable to reach target owing to weather. Ice encountered and went down to 3,000 feet." "Target not reached owing to severe icing conditions and 10-10 cloud."

    LP127-P did not return and the log entry simply states, "Aircraft missing - no news."

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    good day collers.m,yesterday 08:38pm.re:1399299 sergeant frank henry baker navigator,r.a.f.age 24.my condolenses to you and your family at your loss.to those who did not return,may they rest in peace,regards bernard85 :poppy: :poppy:
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    Thanks for your condolences Bernard

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    Dear Collers
    My condolences about your brave Uncle Frank. Please could I ask if he is remembered on the War Memorial in Great Horkesley, Essex? I am researching another young man from Gt Horkesley WW2 RAF Sgt Edward Tyler. I would like to hear from you if that is possible.
    Thank you very much - Brenda Kelly ex WRAF
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    Collers has not been on the forum since 2016
    i have sent a private message to him on your behalf

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  6. Tricky Dicky

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  7. Brenda Kelly

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    Thank you … yes Sgt E.E Tyler is on the Memorial. He is buried in Harderwijk General Cemetery. British War Grave Plot 2. Grave 7.

    i am helping a Dutch gent to try and find photos of all the Commonwealth War Heroes that are buried in the cemetery, which is his local cemetery. He has found 42 out of 45 so far.
  8. Tricky Dicky

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    You asked the above and the answer is yes he is (Sergeant Frank Henry Baker)
  9. Brenda Kelly

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    Is it possible for me to ask a little more about the Gt Horkesley connection please? as I have been searching for many months inc social media, the local churches, history societies, libraries, museums, old schools, local newspapers article dated 18 June 2021etc etc.

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