138 Squadron loss 17th August 1943

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    Can anyone please help with information on a 138 Squadron Halifax lost on 17th August 1943 The co-pilot was F/O Jan Wladyslaw Wroblewski. I have no other information but he was reported lost on that date and presumably managed to evade capture as he turned up in Canada where he died on 6th May 1944. Many thanks.
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    Halifax JD312 NF-J on SOE Operation Wheelwright 17 and Wheelwright 24. Entire crew evaded. Last line of Chorley's entry on this crew says "All returned to England, via Gibraltar, arriving by air on 28 October 1943"

    At the time of his death Wroblewski was a Flight Lieutenant. Newspaper has him dying 14 May 1944.




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    Thank you Dave and TD.

    Wroblewski was an incredible man and now I have something to work on for the last few months of his life. Prior to joining 138 Squadron he had flown 47 hostile sorties with 304 Squadron

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    It seems he was also promoted posthumously as his grave marker shows him as a Major, although "Porucznik" is the equivalent of a 1st Lt. At the time of death he was with No. 45 Group.

    Dorval is the old airport in Montreal. Ferry Command country. I see he didn't die in an aircraft accident.



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