130th (Assault) Field Regiment India/Burma Casualties - Filling in the blanks?

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    Yes please Steve, it would be great to see those.

    I found just a couple of photos in the IWM collection that are captioned as Tigyaing (or Tigyiang). First one is an air drop to 29 Brigade which looks like it was taken from a hill overlooking the town. Second one I think is 130 Field Regiment entering the town (the truck seems to be pulling a gun, 130 Field was the only 36 Division arty unit in the area and I believe the Arm of Service serial ‘42’ indicates the senior arty regiment of an infantry division).

    An American C-47 aircraft drops supplies by parachute to troops of 36th Infantry Division in Tigyiang during their advance down the Irrawaddy Valley to Manadalay, 1945. (SE 1130)

    A lorry of 36th Infantry Division enters the town of Tigyiang during the advance down the Irrawaddy Valley towards Mandalay, 22 December 1944. (SE 1019)
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    Here you go. These are from 2013 when a family contact whose father had been with No. 5 Column on Operation Longcloth, took a trip to Burma and retraced her father's footsteps. There is also a very poor quality image of the main thoroughfare at Tigyaing leading to the river taken in March 1943 by a member of 5 Column:

    DSC09152 copy 2.JPG _DSC1356.jpg _DSC1364.jpg _DSC1370.jpg _DSC1375.jpg _DSC2436.jpg _DSC2437.jpg DSCO9154.JPG
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    Some great pictures, thank you. Getting across that wide river must have been a daunting task.
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    I believe there are (were) several large sandbanks in the vicinity, but still definitely a difficult and hazardous crossing point.
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    A small and long overdue update, in memory of the late Chris Harley.

    Thanks to his tireless work, William Barnes (BARNES, William, 1082940, Gunner, Killed in Action on 30th December 1944) will be correctly commemorated with his comrades on the Rangoon Memorial.

    Gunner William Barnes | War Casualty Details | CWGC

    RIP, Chris.
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