12th Parachute Battalion March 30, 1945

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    Hello, I'm looking for the 12th Parachute Battalion's war diary for March 30, 1945. Does anyone have a copy of it? Best regards
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    From the Pegasus Archive
    12th Parachute Battalion

    "30th March 1945

    Place: Osterwick

    1000 - Bn moved to area OSTERWICK 6480, by M.T. as advance guard to the Bde. The order of march used on these moves was as follows 1 Tp Tks. preceded by armd recce if available. Remainder of Sqn carrying leading Coy. Tk S.P. ATK Guns RE Recce party. The Comd Group moved with the Tk Sqn HQ. One bound behind the armd element was the remainder of the Battalion in TCV's, as follows - Coy, Section ATK guns, Bn HQ, Coy, Mortars, MMGs, Sec ATK guns, A Ech. B Ech moved daily under Bde orders. Slight opposition from Hitler Youth was met on track through woods at 5974. One Honey tk was knocked out by Bazookas and in an action against LMG position the leading pl comd 302550 Lieut T. Reed was killed and 1 OR wounded. The enemy numbering about 80 then withdrew into a wood and exhibited a white flag, but the Bn pushed on. Slight opposition was encountered before OSTERWICK. 80 PW were taken, mainly from FLAK guns.

    30th to 31st March 1945

    Place: Osterwick

    Night spent in comfortable quarters at OSTERWICK. At this time both tks and inf were out of wireless comn with their higher fmns. T/Capt HBK Kauffman Royal Fusiliers and 20 OR's of the Black Watch joined the Bn as rfts for operations."
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    Many thanks for the answer. Unfortunately, I need a copy of the original war diary. I need the copy for a correction request with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. Best regards
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    Doesn't anyone have a copy of the original war diary records for March 30, 1945? I only need this one day.
    Best regards
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    Monument, hope these assist

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    I’m wondering if you have the field return for officers there too? (I’m familiar with what this request is for on behalf of Monument )

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    AndyBaldEagle super thank you very much. That is exactly what helps me. Best regards

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