128 Tyne Electrical Engineers E&M Coy RE

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    Came across this Map 1939 to 1945 tour in the Family papers, and most likely belonged to my Grandfather.

    I have also placed a copy of the Map it in the forum gallery.

    Any other information relating to this unit history, please add to this thread.

    by gmyles

    There was a RE Order of Battle on the internet a while ago but had since disappeared. I luckily kept a copy.

    In it it deoesn't say much more than:

    128th Electrical & Mechanical Company Royal Engineers (Tyne Electrical Engineers) converted by December 1941 as 128th Electrical & Mechanical Company Royal Engineers (War Office Reserve; Relieved 1 Jan 1942). No other details of service known.

    What a fantastic Map.

    Cairn Ryan (6 on map) is on the West Coast of Scotland near Stranraer.

    Shui'aiba (7 on map) and Zubayr (8 on map) are in Iraq, just south of Basra.

    Looking at the dates it looks like they were part of convoy WS-14, bound for Aden (WS14A), Bombay (WS-14B) and Singapore (DM2).

    WS (Winston Specials) Convoys in WW2 - 1941 Sailings

    Found a reference saying that on 25 Jan 42, the ships CLAN CAMERON, EMPIRE CURLEW, EMPIRE PEREGRINE and EMPIRE WIDGEON broke off from Convoy WS14B and sailed independently for Basra.

    Hope this helps


    Every little helps, thanks.


    128 TEE E&M Coy RE E&M1.jpg 128TEE E&M Coy RE E&M2.jpg 128 TEE E&M Coy RE E&M3.jpg 128 TEE E&M Coy RE E&M4.jpg 128 TEE E&M Coy RE E&M back.jpg
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    I have very little about the Company, but here it is:

    No. 1 (Electrical Light and Work) Company, Tyne Electrical Engineers
    HQ: Tynemouth
    Converted to 128th (Tyne) Electrical and Mechanical Company
    12/41 under WO Reserve – Deleted from this 1/1/42
    Arrived in Northern Iraq from ME in March 1942. There for a number of years

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