125th field ambulance

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  1. frizzping

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    hi i am new to the forum and would like some help please in searching for (if you understand this) no1 and no 2 f.d.s.125th field ambulance r.a.m.c and rasc ?
    my deceased fatherinlaw made a photo diary of his time in the war between 1939-1945 belgium france holland germany 2nd army .
    d-day june 6th beach group no7? 1944 3rd can div, is all the info i have , there are quite a few photos with names and signed by themselves it would be nice to be in touch with relatives, is there any where i can investigate more please? -_-
  2. Mike L

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    Hi Frizzping and welcome to WW2talk.
    The only help I can give is that FDS is probably Field Dressing Station, RAMC is Royal Army Medical Corps and RASC is Royal Army Service Corps.
    Some D-Day experts might be able to help with Beach groups and I guess that is 3rd Canadian Division which landed at Juno beach.
    His name and service number (if you have it) would be a help.
    The standard first question here is 'do you have or have you applied for his service record?' That's the first place to start. Lots of info here on doing that - put 'applying for service record' into the forum search function and you will get loads of hits.
    When you have a bit more info the great people here will have a bit more to work with and you will be amazed what they can find!
    Sure someone will be along soon who might be able to help further.
    Good luck and stick with it.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum :smile:
  4. frizzping

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    hi ty for replying. no ihavent got his service number i will have to dig deeper and come back ty again
  5. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot 1940 Obsessive

    You can apply for his service records via th elink below.

    Army Personnel Centre - British Army Website

    They will contain shed loads of info that will help you place the pictures hopefully. Can you upload the pictures on here - I for one would be interested in seeing the 1940 ones.

  6. Mike L

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    Frizzping, even giving us his name might be a start, someone might be able rustle up a service number if it is something less common than John Smith!
    As Andy has said, if you can upload any of the photos that can often give vital clues. This game is a big detective job really and any clues are helpful.

  7. Rob Dickers

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    Frizzping Hi & welcome

    The Orbat of 3rd Can Div only lists the following;
    14 Field Ambulance RCAMC
    22 Field Ambulance RCAMC
    23 Field Ambulance RCAMC
    No's 5 & 7 Fds
    No 2 Fds is listed under the 1st Can Div.
    But its not unusual for British attached units not to be mentioned.

    The 3rd Can Div (The Water Rats) saw plenty of action in NW Europe and were supported by my dads Arty Regt in all these engagements;

    landing on Juno Beach in Normandy, as part of the British 2nd Army, later joining the newly-formed 1st Canadian Army. Battle honours include Caen, Falaise, capturing the Channel ports, the Breskens pocket, and the final offensives of 1945. During the Battle of the Scheldt, the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division had the nickname of "Water Rats" bestowed upon them by General Bernard Montgomery, in recognition of the poor conditions of terrain through which they fought, first in the Normandy landings, and then in the flooded Breskens Pocket.
  8. 0.303

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    I have a copy of the 1st Field Dressing Station book of their tour through Europe. They landed with the Canadians on Juno beach 6th of June. They were a unit with Manchesterian roots. There is a list of unit member names in the back. If I can have a name I could have a look if this name is listed.

  9. 629_SQN

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    Hello there and welcome :D
  10. D. Brown

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    I always knew my Grandfather was in the RAMC in both WWI & WWII

    Unfortunately he never wanted to talk about either experience and even went to the extent of getting rid all his mementos.

    So I was rather surprised and pleased that while going through my grandmother's belongings I found this 1944 Xmas Card from the 1st Field Dressing Station!

    I hope it is of use



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