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    I actually found this citation on the 17th June whilst looking for another BEF citation. The coincidence in dates made me decide that was a good enough reason to post it up on here. Looking at the officers signing it off suggests he wasn't with his regiment but a fairly new arrival in France and waiting to get posted to one of the Kent battalions. The citation doesn't say what he was awarded but the TNA have him down as a Military Cross.

    As ever any further info greatly appreciated like when he was commissioned?




    The London Gazette has him getting his MC in the 20th December list. First names and service number added.
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    From WO 167/121 No.1 Infantry Base Depot war diary.

    Plot thickens a wee bit as he seems to have not left with the unit at the end of May. I wonder if he was part of No.2 Company?
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    MC, no number listed, but first names published.
    His number and date of commission:
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    Thanks Di, much appreciated - you beat me to it :p

    I've checked the Buffs history by Knight and he's in the nominal roll appendices for awards but that's it. He also survived the war.
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    Born 1908 – I suppose that made him a relatively old 2nd Lieutenant. Both of his brothers also served

    Claud Denham Gilbart-Smith, Gentleman, B.A.(Camb.), b. 1881 ; m. 1907, Elena Victoria, d. of George Edward Billing Brooking, of Dartmouth ; and has issue — (1) George Brooking Gilbart-Smith, Gentleman, b. 1908 ; (2) Norman Denham Gilbart-Smith, Gentleman, b. 1913 ; (3) John Bewley Gilbart-Smith, Gentleman, b. 1914. Address — Ministry of Education, Cairo, Egypt.

    General Duties Branch

    The following Flight Lieutenants are granted permanent commissions in that rank on the dates stated: —H. M. W. Thomas-Ferrand (March 3 1939); N. D. Gilbart-Smith (March 24 1939). (RAF 34041 – finished the war as a Group Captain)

    He stayed in the RAF post-war (being a pre-war regular) - he was killed in a flying accident in 1955 -

    There was some bad news on the 21st when the Wahn Station Commander, Gp Capt Gilbart-Smith crashed coming back from a night training exercise. His navigator was Flt Lt Basil St. John Wynell-Sutherland, a wartime member of 68 Squadron, and now serving on 87 Squadron, also at Wahn. Both men were killed. 'Winnie' had attended the 68 Squadron Reunion only a few days before.


    The undermentioned Cadets, from 121st O.C.T.U., to be 2nd Lts. 17th Aug. 1940 - John Bewley GILBART-SMITH (143757)

    Telegraph death notice - John Bewley GILBART-SMITH (Jake) on May 2nd 2009, peacefully in hospital aged 94
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    Cheers Dave.

    What did you find Di? The link goes straight to a subscription page.

    Quick Q - Does the Gazette publish all further promotions or is it a bit hit and miss? I only ask as he doesn't get anymore mentions after getting his commission which made me wonder could he have been discharged due to suffering an injury? 2nd Lieutenant is a rank that is held for a relatively short period of time.

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    Edited in screen shot of family tree, for BMD info.

    If there were further promotions there should be listing in LG. Finding them is a different matter. ;) I hate LG search engine.

    Ref here for MiD, note rank is Lt. / Temp Capt

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    Thanks Di, the screen capture has just came up for me. I can't find a Buffs war diary for that early in Burma. The regimental history has the 2nd Buffs deploying to India around July 1944.
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    In that case, it could be he was attached / with higher formation?

    (There is a Capt. Seymour (56896) listed under Gds in same heading; he was SG according to another entry in LG. None of Foot guards regts saw service during WW2 in that theatre.)
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    My first and only thought so far is Commando's?
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    He is Commando Mission 204, guessing late comer to Middle east commando depot upload_2023-11-20_0-37-53.png
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