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    On the 4th of september 1944 3 men of the 11th Field Company died in an accident in the town of Clabecq. There names were: Connick Reginald, Gulland Owen Alexander and Lovell Thomas Brinley.
    My grandmother told me the story a couple of years ago how the 3 men drove of the bridge crossing the canal. I'm trying to find out what happend and to which unit the 11th was attached to. I already searched the internet for information but could not find any information. I know that the 11th Field Coy was a part of the 44th infantry Division but this division was disband before the accident.

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    2 entries that may be of interest to you on the ORBAT http://www.orbat.com/site/uk_orbats/files/6/RE%20World%20War%20II.pdf

    "11th Field Coy RE Regular; 3 Sep 1939: Aldershot; mobilized with 2nd Infantry Division; relieved 4
    May 1940 and assigned 44th (Home Counties) Infantry Division; relieved 26 Nov 1942 and
    assigned XXX CTRE. Disbanded Aug 1946."

    "XXX Corps Troops Engineers XXX Corps formed in Egypt 18 Sep 1941 (at first known as
    Armoured Corps, but soon numbered as XXX Corps). Its engineers were originally formed by
    South African units. In Nov 1942 it took over the RE from 44th (Home Counties) Infantry
    Division. After N Africa service, the corps served in Sicily Jul 1943 and Italy from Sep 1943. It
    was withdrawn 5 Nov 1943 to moved to the UK. One of the assault corps at Normandy 6 Jun
    1944, it served with 21st Army Group. On 17 Jun 1945 it was redesignated as XXX Corps District,
    part of the occupation forces in Germany. In Aug 1946, XXX CTRE and 52nd (Lowland) Infantry
    Division RE were combined to form 30th Army Troops Engineers.24
    Formed with 11th and 13th Field Coys SAE and 22nd Field Park Coy SAE.25
    Reorganized Nov 1942 with 11th, 209th and 210th Field Coys RE, and 211th Field Park Coy RE."

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