111 Field Regiment RA, 1943. Battle for El-Hamma

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    Hi, Is anyone aware of any books which cover this battle during March 23-24, 1943 involving 111 Field Regiment RA, part of 8th Army, 2nd Armoured Div, NZ Corp.

    In particular, I am hoping to find any mention of a friend's relative who earned the MM during the battle for El-Hamma following Mareth. I have the citation for his brave deed but would like to read more about how the battle progressed and if names are mentioned.

    I have read various reports about the 8th Army and snippets from the Internet. Even the Pathe News clips describe the battles around that time in Tunisia.

    I do not have a copy of the War Diary for 111 Field Regiment RA. Can anyone help out? Would there be any mention of acts of bravery?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

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    Alan, this is the reference for their war diary at the National Archives for 1943:

    WO 169/9512, 111 Fd. Regt. 1943 Jan.- Dec.

    Drop me a PM (or order through Arcre - Document Copy Service ) if you're interested in me copying it for you.


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