111 Field Regiment, Italy 1943-45

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    Can anyone help with information, please, on my father's war in Italy, 1943-45.

    I have recently obtained my father's war record: he was Alfred John Heath; who enlisted October 1939.
    He was posted to the 111th Field Regiment (212 battery) August 1940 and went to Egypt in September 1942.
    He was then posted to Italy and disembarked Sicily in August 1943; and, subsequently, on to Italy.
    Like so many other veterans, he would not talk about his experiences in Italy, but he must have suffered an horrendous war in that country, in that in later years he would not visit the country despite his wife wanting to go there on holiday.

    Can anyone provide me with information, so that I can fill in this passage in his life. Thanks
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    I've just been giving Brian a hand with uploading his father's service records and we'd both by grateful if someone more experienced would cast an eye over them and see if there are any good clues as to precisely what he would have been up to in these locations at these dates.

    We have:

    Name: A. J. Heath
    Service Number: 941273



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