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    Hi all,
    My Great grandfather Colour sergeant John Robert Caley served with the battalion from 1939-1945. He was in India at some point during the war as I have photos of him there. I also have many photos of him at Dunkirk beech, and in what I assume is France later on in the war.

    I was wandering if anyone knew the battalions early exploits. 1939-43.

    Thanks Lew.
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    In his bush uniform.

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    Hi Lew and welcome to the forum. I'd love to see the Dunkirk images.
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    Hi all will post the images when I'm home.
    I've just received his service records and he was in India from 43-45 by the looks of it. Does any one know why India ? There's no other information in his records to state why he was ppsted to India and not framce with the rest of the btn.
    Cheers .

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