1/4 and 2/4 South Lancashire Regiment - where were they?

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    I'm trying to get some specifics on the whereabouts and activities of the 1/4 and 2./4 South Lancs between early 1942 and mid-1944 but it's proving difficult. I know they were in the South east of England and Northern Ireland but nothing more specific than that.

    Has anyone got an idea on any source material that's out there that i can research? I'm really keen to find the specific barracks he would have been based at and the types of activities he would have been involved in.

    My grandfather was posted as follows...... the locations taken from the limited service record I've received from the MOD specifically from his conduct sheet and admission to a couple of hospitals.

    Feb ‘42

    Enlisted with 2/4 South Lancashire Regiment

    Aug ‘42 - Oct ‘42

    Believed to be at Folkestone

    Dec ’42 - May’43

    Believed to be at both Dover and Ramsgate

    Jun ‘43

    Posted to 13th Parachute Battalion - no details

    Jul ‘43

    Posted to 1/4 South Lancashire Regiment

    Aug ’43 - Nov ‘;43

    Believed to be at Newhaven and Brighton

    Dec ’43 - May ‘44

    Believed to be in Northern Ireland with 55 Inf Div

    I've contacted the Lancashire Infantry museum and they're not too hopeful of digging anything up from their records....... they cite the fact they were UK based as being a reason why there's not too much in the way of records for the Battalion.

    Any information on the 4th Bn, or idea's of where to find anything further about the barracks / specific activities during this period would be appreciated.

    Many thanks,
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    2/4th South Lancs Regiment

    1st August 1942 Otley

    11th September 1942 Capel-le-Ferne

    10th December 1942 Dover

    As of the end of April 1943 the battalion was still at Dover according to the war diaries
  3. Drew5233

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    1/4 South Lancs Regiment

    1st August 1943 Newhaven

    15th August 1943 Camp A22

    1st September 1943 Newhaven

    26th October 1943 Burgess Hill

    16th November 1943 Shoreham

    12th December 1943 Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland

    As of the end of May 1944 the battalion was still at Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland.
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    Top man as ever................. can you please confirm two things for me?

    Are these names you've given the names of the actual barracks or the towns they were at?

    Did you get these from the war diaries, if so am I able to get a copy for Feb 42 to May 44 without visiting Kew...... and if I can how much would it cost me?


  5. Drew5233

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    From the war diaries mate-I'm at work so drop me a PM so I don't forget.

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