Unidentified 1

Top Left- My grandfather on the left, his friend Cyril Baldock in the centre, not sure who the man on the right is. Top Right- All unidentified. Bottom Right- All unidentified, photo taken during a river crossing but not sure where. Bottom Left- The only photo that my grandfather wrote on, he is standing on the right, Captain (later Major) Ron Adams stands in the centre and the tall man seated with a moustache is Lieutenant Holloway. Grandpa wrote this on the back: "Outside a Dak Bungalow on the same party. Ron Adams standing beside me." Sadly, Adams and Holloway were both killed in Burma. I'm not sure who the other two men in the picture are.

Unidentified 1
ethan, Jul 26, 2013
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    • Jill Finn
      Hi Ethan

      It's really nice to hear from you. Thanks for your response to our enquiries/photos regarding our Dad. I'm sure I've seen your grandfather's name and story in some of the numerous books, I've purchased during our research. What we can't seem to pinpoint is which column (45 or 54th) he was in? We know he was in 7th Troop, Squadron A which suffered a number of fatalities on 23rd April but we are on a mission to try and find out who lead the troop etc but not sure if that's achievable. During the search, I have got to know Jane Barlow who is Fred Pett's sister, 96 years of age, on one of the photos who lost his life on that day who deeply appreciates that people still remember the 45th Recce.

    • ethan
      Hi Jill- great to hear from you,
      There's a picture of my grandfather in 'March or Die' by Phil Chinnery but no other mentions that I'm aware of sadly. I don't suppose your dad was visible in any of the pics I sent?
    • ethan
      (if you check your inbox you'll see I sent 4 photos)
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