Corporal P Doogan's Squad, October 1943

Gdsn. J. Proudfoot; E. Carroll; E. Colethorpe; W. Barbour; J. Savage; C. Smith; N. McNulty, J. Reynolds; D. Johnstone Gdsn. J. Clarke; G. Garrett; R. Coppen; R. Southgate; D. Parle; Td.S. J. Murphy; Gdsn. J. Doggart; E. Price; F. Stewart; J. Mendes; J. Goaley Gdsn. M. Beattie; A. Greenhill; Sgt. E. Hough; CPL. P. DOOGAN (Squad Instructor); Sgt. W. Spence (Supt. Sgt.); Gdsn. D. Booth; B. Fogarty

Corporal P Doogan's Squad, October 1943
dbf, May 19, 2013
    • Jake2356
      My father was in this photo middle row 2nd in from the left
    • Jake2356
      This is a second photo I have just found.
      It is different from the photo of Corporal Doogans squad
      There would appear to be other regiments in this photo
      My father George Garrett is in the middle to fifth in from left with the cross
      I didn’t mark the photo.
      I don’t have any further details of names or location of this Photo.
    • dbf

      Hi thanks for commenting
      This is also my father's squad, he's in the back row!
      Sorry I don't see a cross on the photo.
      There aren't any men from other regiments they are all Irish Guardsmen, 2 of whom were killed during the war Price & Greenhill. Maybe you meant Battalions, some like Mendes ended up on the 2nd Armoured Bn, my father served with the 3rd Bn.
      As far as I am aware it was taken at Caterham.
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