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70th Anniversary of Re-forming 8th Bn. The Royal Scots, 2009.

A group of the surviving Veterans of the 8th Royal Scots celebrate the Seventieth Anniversary of the re-forming of the 8th Battalion The Royal Scots in the Spring of 1939. It had been in 'suspended animation' since the end of the Great War and to many of the Volunteers of 1939 it was 'Our Father's Battalion'. We had gathered in The Royal Scots Club in the Spring of 2009 to pay tribute to a very fine Battalion, to rejoice in the comradeship of those we had served with and especially to Remember and Honour the 241 Comrades Killed in Action and the 861 Brother Royal Scots who suffered the wounds of battle as the Battalion fought its way from the Normandy Beachhead to thirty-five miles from the Baltic shore. We who are still left behind nobly bear the wounds of age but are nevertheless a stout Rearguard proudly proclaiming the deeds and valour of valiant men who formed the 8th Battalion The Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment) 1939-45. Joe Brown.

70th Anniversary of Re-forming 8th Bn. The Royal Scots, 2009.
Joe Brown, May 16, 2013
    • Owen
      super photo .
      fair bit of metal work on your chests.
    • Bernard85
      good day joe brown,, owen said a fair bit of metal on your chest.also I see gen,montgomery and h,m,the king,have all honoured your regiment.a fine record,keep posting,regards bernard85
    • Joe Brown

      Good to hear from you again.

      A great bunch of lads. Two of them were young officers in the same Rifle Company and both were wounded during the fighting in the Bridgehead, although not too well these days they still keep in touch with each other. The distinguished Royal Scot seated on my right is in the Gallery photograph 'A Break on the road to Tilburg': he is the Sergeant in the foreground with the cigarette. During the post-War he was for many years Chairman of the 8th Battalion Veterans and in the early-1990s got us together on a Reunion Visit to Belgium and Holland. It was our last Reunion Visit and the right time as we were then all fairly active and reasonably fit. Just in case, we had a couple of volunteer nurses and they took care of the two lads using wheelchairs; the rest of us had to provide details of our medication! There was an excellent turnout as we returned to stand for a sad moment by the side of the lads we had left behind and to foster the good relations built over the years with various communities the 8RS had liberated during the War. It was a memorable time.

      Always a gifted leader, when he was no longer able to continue as Chairman, he made me an offer I could not refuse: to look after the interests of our 8RS Comrades.

    • 4jonboy
      Lovely photo Joe
    • Bernard85
      good day joe brown.yesterday.08:45am.thank you for your informative reply.i am sure you will do a great job for the interest of your 8rs,comrades,and enjoy many more reunions,stay well,regards bernard85
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