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  1. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    My brother's airshow photographs. He was working for an European air safety body based in Köln until retirement last month, and here are a few of his albums most of which related to airshows. Enjoy!

    Picasa Web Albums - Vasco Morao

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  2. TTH

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    Your brother is an excellent photographer, beautiful shots.

    As an aside, did any of your family serve in the First World War or the Peninsular War against the French?
  3. Za Rodinu

    Za Rodinu Hot air manufacturer

    As for the Peninsular War I know nothing at all, for WW1 I had a great uncle who was working in Eastern France and had to flee from the Huns to return post-war. As for WW2 my father was an officer in a 3.7" AA battery in the Lisbon zone. He had the fright of his life when general alert was ordered and orders were were given to man and arm the guns but keep the searchlights out but ready. That night and for a number of subsequent nights there was a continuous rumble overhead: Operation Torch had started :)

    The Portuguese Gov had not been informed in advance, I suppose it would be the same as telling Adolf himself :D

    My brother has less than half a dozen of Dad's photos back then, as he's back I can ask him for scans. Been meaning to do this for years.

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