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    In reference to the term "Z records" is this by chance referring to casualty posts?

    I've been trying to decipher the transition from one page of rather faint and faded text to another and it seems to say:

    "Your letter arrived this morning. I have since seen one by Z records to...."

    goes to next page:

    "quote: 'a number of our wounded are back home' so the list is rather late."

    By which I am currently assuming this means - "your letter arrived this morning" (which I think referred to lists of casualties/repatriated troops seen in the UK)...

    and 'a number of our wounded are back home' so the list (seen by the correspondent in the UK) is rather late.

    The letter switches to talk about parachutes and coffee thereafter so not much else to go on I'm afraid.

    - I had a look at the refs. to lists i.e. X and Y etc. and there are refs there to a Z list but it doesn't explain there what this is - though on some sites it seems to suggest that the Z list is in reference to those that are demobbed. But is it perhaps also in reference to those permanently disabled/demobbed and no longer on the reserve (Y-list?) perhaps?

    i.e. Ref specifically on the topic of "Z lists":

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    Ps... and Post at : http://ww2talk.com/forums/topic/15663-x-lists-service-records/#entry700350

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