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Discussion in 'General' started by PearlJamNoCode, Feb 27, 2007.

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    What are some of your personal favorite WWII photographs? If you can, please include it and maybe a little about why you like it so much, and what it means to you.

    I like this picture for obvious reasons; the 101st battle-ready with their faces painted, meeting with the man in charge of it all.

    I like this because it isn't about planes and tanks and infantry, just about peace for a world that had been through so much.

    I like this photograph for artistic reasons, the darkness alludes to the terror that went on during the next few hours after this photograph was taken.

    This one is just awe-inspiring to me. How proud some of these men must have felt.

    Those are just a few of my favorites, I'm sure that all of them are easily recognized. Anyone have any other possibly less well-known favorites that they would like to share?
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  3. spidge


    This is one of the Australian 9th Division parading before General Alexander after the battle of El Alamein.

    After being the dominant infantry division (with 18th brig-7th div) that held Tobruk for eight months, they were an integral part of the El Alamein battle
    and received just recognition.

    9th div after alamein032d.jpg
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    There are so many....I think I like Joe Rosenthal's Iwo Jima photograph the most, I guess.
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    These two are favorites of mine



    Although both photos are probably staged, the look of joy on the soldiers faces is real and emotional.

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