Yet another Oosterbeek/Arnhem trip

Discussion in 'WW2 Battlefields Today' started by airborne medic, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    Hope this is ok to post......

    For those members who know me that when I do a walk I always try to get something special for the attendees and so last weekend we got the group into the Ter Horst garden by the Old Church in Oosterbeek.....
    Not sure if many people have been in there so a couple of photos.....for info after the battle where the 'pool of peace' is now, 57 Allied soldiers were dug out of a mass grave.....

    Anyway whilst the house is probably mentioned on most tours I don't think many groups get into the garden......

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  2. ww2ni

    ww2ni Senior Member

    Very interesting.

    I believe the Airborne blokes carved their names in trees in the garden of the Hartenstein Hotel.

    I have looked for them but with no luck - Do you know of these and where I should look?
  3. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    Hi ww2ni.....easy question! Whilst it is possible some trees were carved in the grounds of the Hartenstein....the 'best known' example is to be found to the south east of the Hartenstein is also south of the Border mortar if you've been looking in the grounds you won't find it.......
    The easy way to find the tree is to come on one of my walks and we can go there!!! LOL.....
  4. Lofty1

    Lofty1 Senior Member

    Hi all, I have been aware of the tree in Hooflaan with the carving, and have showed it to friends on a number of accasions,over many years, however I have found it is becoming more difficult to read, and is often more clearly visible on a damp day, so i have posted a picture that shows it as clear as possible,taken some years ago, also attatched is an article about this tree, regards LOFTY
    It is still better viewed on AIBORNEMEDICS walk, than in pictures,


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  5. airborne medic

    airborne medic Very Senior Member

    It is also a protected monument......
  6. ww2ni

    ww2ni Senior Member

    Willhave to look out for it in September when I return.


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