Yellow circles & white stars.

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    Thanks for reference to the yellow gas paint as an alternative to khaki. That makes sense now.
    Just an odd thought but were pillar box tops a) always red ? b) camouflaged in wartime ?
    Great attention was paid to gas detection in the early days, presumably based on WW1 experience ?

    This BEF picture (which I have posted before on another thread) shows the driver wearing a gas-sleeve on his left arm.

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    The pleasing art of digression. :)

    Turning to a different flavour of spotters to our more familiar ww2 variety ;);
    These are quite good:
    History of British Letter Boxes - Part 1
    History of British Letter Boxes- Part 2
    but this is better:
    The Letter Box Study Group
    Red surely dominates.

    Can't find anything on disguising street furniture, presumably the blackout and height made it unnecessary.

    Loads of references to the yellow gas paint on postboxes on Peoples war, not a detail that I'd ever heard of... or noticed in dramatisations. We need someone who was there...
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    I'm seeing my Dad this weekend. I can't remember if I've asked him about the pillar boxes. He did recall the yellow panels on vehicles (He was 11 Air Formation Signals). The funny thing is that when I asked him what the colour change was, he said "Well they must've told us but I'm b******d if I can remember !"

    I'm sure that I recall climbing on top of black-topped pillar boxes as a kid. Maybe it was just dirty where I lived.

    I can't imagine that they were paint-stripped post-war so presumably the gas paint is still there on the old ones. Can Owen get permission to scrape a few ?:)
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    As if he'd ask permission.
    I definitely think of some post boxes having black tops too. Sure some still do.

    Looking for a picture or scan of literature relating to the paint, I can find some past sales on ebay but the pics have gone.
  5. Rich Payne

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    Henk Joore's WM20 site has a page on the paint (and a picture of my bike which came as a surprise to me !)

    Nieuwe pagina 1
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  7. Owen

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    Just seen this one of Patton's Dodge with different coloured circle to the star.

    Looks like Alex is his guest.
    Dodge Command Car Photos

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    In July of 1943, all vehicles slated for participation in the invasion of Sicily were ordered to increase the width of the circle and paint it in yellow. Sometimes this resulted in the white circle being repainted in yellow; sometimes this resulted in a “bloated” white star with a white or yellow circle.
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    very old thread but just read this on a Facebook Group page
    White Scout Car Appreciation Group & Register
    Nice to see the Yellow Star. Orders in December 1942 called for White Invasion Stars but the Armoured Corp, who had had Yellow Stars since the January 1942 Armoured Forces order calling for the use of "Air Corps Yellow No.4 Lusterless" for markings refused and kept their Yellow Stars. General Patton was on who refused to change to White Stars and had Yellow Stars on his vehicles throughout. The reason given to change to White Stars was that they tended to become obscured by dust. I have Yellow Stars on my M3A1 for that reason. White Stars would be wrong as it was built before December 1942.
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    Hate to say it... but surely arguing 'it was made in 1942 and kept the same markings for a later campaign' is really shaky at best...

    I can't think how many times vehicles were repainted/specs updated from 1942 - 44... hell of a lot.
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    Just read something in The Fourth Division history by Williamson page 38 that reminded me of this old thread.

    Vehicles were to be prepared for the desert, and canopies lowered to facilitate compact loading. Yellow stars nearly two feet across were to be painted on horizontal surfaces of vehicles, for air recognition.

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    Saw a curious yellow symbol painted on a ww2 wall at Dover castle's observation deck.
    Stupidly didn't photograph it, but definitely set me wondering.
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    I'm ashamed to say that I thought of this thread when I saw that ceiling come up on Facebook but failed to dig it out and link it.
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