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Discussion in 'General' started by Owen, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. Owen

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    Looking at IWM Duxford Gallery & saw this photo next to the ''Normandy Experience'' blurb.
    5th Div weren't in Normandy but were in Germany in '45.
    Land Warfare

    A 5 Inf Div quad , with the Y in a square , on vehicles it should be a circle.
    Lots of pics of 5th Div vehicles in their Div history, on the The Wardrobe of 2 Wilts vehicles with Y in a circle.
    One of those things that bug me.
  2. Trackfrower

    Trackfrower Member

    Most museums get things wrong........
    Most GS respirators are usually put on back to front. See sentry by the Me 109.
    They also don't like being told!

  3. Owen

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    Anyone have any official paperwork about 5th Div insignia on vehicles ?
  4. ceolredmonger

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    Yes, museums will get details wrong, for all sorts of reasons, some inexcusable. They are often due to the people with the knowledge, frustratingly, being excluded from the 'creative' public facing side (similar to authors spending years researching a book then having it ruined by a publishers intern being tasked with adding photos).

    Where museums can appear as if they don't care is from the regular insistence to "change that wrong display NOW!". I can assure you the people who matter do care - getting the resources to put right an error however is not always easy.

    Also, sometimes the criticism can be wrong. I once had a visitor - a former soldier - insisting I had insulted the British army by disgracefully displaying a 'Russian' helmet as worn by British troops and he would stay until I changed it. This was a British Mk.III displayed with Normandy material - I had all the references to hand as I had predicted it would be mistaken for a post-war Mk.IV and he begrudgingly backed down.

    It was even the right way round....

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