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Discussion in 'General' started by Bozerboy0585, Jan 19, 2013.

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    Hello I'm Steve and although I have been 'lurking' and reading posts on this brilliantly informative forum for many months now this is my first post.

    Looking at the 'Remembered on this Day' a question popped into my head that no amount of GOOGLE-ing could answer; that of the rank of Water Carrier. What exactly would these men do, be responsible for and is the 'rank' seen as on a par with Sepoy or beneath?

    look forward to any answers and contributing more

    Steve :)
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    Hello and welcome to the forum Steve

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    Thanks chaps, re the xxxx,s I wondered what had occurred!!!!

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    Hello, Steve.

    This is an informed guess: I think a Water carrier would fall into the category of 'enlisted/enrolled follower'. Indian units used semi-civilian followers to undertake domestic duties - cooks, sweepers, laundry (dhobi) and, presumably, water carriers. I think it stems from caste issues - I get the impression India was as much, if not more, class-conscious as Britain.

    There is, of course, that most famous of water carriers: Gunga Din
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    Idler this is pretty much what I thought (I had no idea Gunga Din was a water carrier however) and I think you right about the caste system, it's strictly (although not always acknowledged) adhered too.

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    CL1 this is what prompted my question, thanks

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