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    I have come up against a mystery. I am a newbie with regard to WW2 research, my comfort zone being WW1. But I am researching a WW2 soldier, very slowly! I have his records. He served in North Africa as a driver firstly with C Camouflage Section and then he was "Taken on Strength" from X! List to the Royal Tank Regiment (101). According to everything I have looked at X! List was Prisoner of War. Have I got this wrong or could he have been captured and escaped or been released. Or perhaps I have got my wires crossed with X1 List. The date was 30/9/43 the previous date in his record was his posting to C Camouflage section on 2/7/43.

    Any help warmly appreciated.
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    THE X (i) LIST comprises all ranks posted to fill vacancies in authorised War Establishments of
    a Headquarters or an extra-regimental unit (such as a base depot, school etc.). An officer placed
    in X (i) list will be seconded.

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    Thank you all for your help. Most useful

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