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    I am puzzled by the following line on a service record, it is from a man in the Royal Signals in India it says

    28-8-1944 Proceed to B.G.A. v Placed on x (v) list

    I am not sure if the if the small v in front of placed is a v or a mark

    Any ideas?
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  3. annsamtree

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    Thanks for the quick reply, so can I say that X (v) is removed from unit for training purposes, I presume that the NZEF was the same as the British
  4. Tom Canning

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    annsamtree - I wouldn't go assuming anything in the Army as most records were made up by a usually exhausted clerk at the end of a hard days fighting - and while he may not have fought all day - he had to write up all the paperwork which the fighting entailed - then rouse some exhausted captain to sign for that paperwork - THEN get some sleep - usually as another day was dawning !

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