WWII Women Heroes of the Soviet Union

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    Lydia Litvak (above), fighter ace: Lydia Litvyak - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Anna Yegorova, pilot: Anna Yegorova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Katya Budanova, hero of the Russian Federation, awarded 1993: Katya Budanova - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Natalya Myeklin, fighter pilot: Natalya Myeklin - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Mariya Dolina, bomber pilot: Mariya Dolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Maria Baida, WWII scout in the Crimea: Maria Baida - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    Lyudmila Pavlichenko, sniper: Lyudmila Pavlichenko - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Natalya V Koshova and Mariya S Polivanova both snipers who scored over 300 kills in the Battles around Leningrad , killed in action together on 14/8/1942 near Novgorod

    Lyudmila Pavlichenko , sniper 309 kills.

    92 Women were made Heroes of the Soviet union.

    21 Members of the famous womens 46th Guards Aviation Regt , the " Night Witches " became HOSU .


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    Thanks for the add. info, Paul :)
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    Fantastic thread Zoya! Well done and good post Paul.
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  6. Zoya

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    ...and in bare feet!
    My, those women were tough!
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    Col Anatoly Kozlov , Chairman of the Stalingrad Veterans Association together with two Heroines of the Soviet Union :)

    Victory day in Stalingrad / Volgograd .

    Anatoly was party of a Guards Tank Korps and fought at Stalingrad / Kursk / Poland / East Germany and Berlin.

    The ladies drove trucks of supplies and ammo from Iran to Stalingrad and then followed the Red Army to Berlin being under fire many times, they thoroughly deserved the medals they wear.

    On this day we spent the entire day with them and other Russian vets at the Mamayev Kurgan and then had a wonderful picnic and many Vodkas in the steppe at Rossoschka as we listened to their stories and beautiful singing. :) :)


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    Sounds like a great experience, Paul.
    Thanks for that photo :)
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    thanks for the links comrade zoya,brave women indeed.yours,lee.
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    "Natalya Myeklin, fighter pilot"
    Shouldnt that be Bomber Pilot Z'? As she was one of the famous Night Witches.
    (and in my humble and irelevant opinion bloomin gorgeous too :) )
  11. Zoya

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    This is from Wikipedia, but there is no guarantee of its accuracy, as no sources are cited:

    Natalya Myeklin (Меклин, Наталия Федоровна) was a much decorated World War II combat pilot in one of the three women-only Russian air regiments nicknamed the 'Night Witches' by their German opponents.

    She was born on September 8, 1922, in Lubny, Ukraine. In 1940 she joined the glider school at the Kiev Young Pioneer Palace. When she was 19, in 1942 she joined the Night Witches, piloting a Polikarpov Po-2 light bomber, and by the end of the war had flown 980 night missions.

    After the war she worked as a translator before retiring. She became a member of the Union of Soviet Writers.

    What an amazing woman! :)
  12. chipmunk wallah

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    Well acording to my Ospray book Female HSU's she was in the Night witches.....mind you,Ospray/wiki...neither all that bothered about letting the facts get in the way of things...ocasionally...:)

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