WWII UK and Dominion, German and Italian war graves in Libya and Egypt

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  1. I have been searching out the original locations of WW2 burials in Egypt and Libya. Useful sources include Graves Concentration Report Forms posted online for different North African Cemeteries and isolated grave plots by the CWGC for some North African concentration cemeteries, the Qattara.it website, and various Graves Registration Unit and Graves Concentration Unit diaries (Australian ones posted online by the AWM and New Zealand ones at AWMM and in my posession). I enquired of the CWGC about a the existence of a list of locations for cemeteries with codes rather than names or grid references on Graves Concentration Report Forms in their posession but (on this question) received no response.
    I'm attaching my current lists for those who are interested.
    These uploaded pages come from Wally’s War: The WW2 North African Campaign Diaries of Walter von Schramm of the NZ Graves Registration & Enquiries Unit, which will be published free online this ANZAC day (https://www.researchgate.net/public..._of_the_NZ_Graves_Registration_Enquiries_Unit).
    It is too late for me to incorporate any additional sites into the to-be-published lists, but my interest in these is ongoing, and if anybody has further information, I would be very interested in hearing it.

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