WWII Tunnels

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    WWII Tunnels

    I recently went to the WWII Tunnels here at Buckland Hill, Leighton, W Australia. See link below for history of the Tunnels.


    The damage to the walls in pic 10s was caused by the SAS conducting live fire exercises in the tunnels and is on all intersections.

    Pic 9 is inside observation post.

    001 s.jpg 002 s.jpg 3.7 inch AA Gun 2.jpg 3.7 inch AA Gun 3.jpg 3.7 inch AA Gun.jpg 3.7 inch AA Gun4.jpg 004 s.jpg 005 s.jpg 006 s.jpg 6 inch MK VII Gun 2.jpg 6 inch MK VII Gun 3.jpg 6 inch MK VII Gun.jpg 007 s.jpg 009 s.jpg 010 s.jpg 011 s.jpg 030 s.jpg 036 s.jpg Gun Mount.jpg Observation Post.jpg Plaque.jpg WWII Tunnels 070609 1s.jpg WWII Tunnels 070609 2s.jpg

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    Nice pictures (Especially of the arty) and looks a interesting place.

    Not sure about the firearms damage though-Someone pulling ya leg by chance ?

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    Nice shoots.

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    Andy, Just repeating what the guide was told by Sir Michael Jefferey who was in SAS. The tunnels were vacant for years after the war.

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    The SAS did do a lot of training in disused buildings and facilities.

    Maj Gen Jeffries (former Governor General of Australia) should know, he was ex SAS.

    The SAS also did training in the old Government office buildings in Canberra

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    I grew up in Mosman Park in the 70s and the Leighton tunnels were off-limits as there was an army transport unit located above them. There was no development near the tunnels. Kids from school used to break into them and talk about them being used as a storage facility. Much of the tunnels was lost on redevelopment and some tunnels are apparently "lost". When the army vacated the place the tunnels were going to be destroyed but it never happened. It would have been great if they could all have been saved as it was an extensive complex. The artillery based there was part of a much larger complex with emplacements on Rottnest Island, Swanbourne and Woodman's Point forming a massive defensive triangle to defend Fremantle. The most extensive remains are on Rottnest Island but the wingnuts in charge of our heritage are simply letting it decay as part of some sort of return to nature b/s.

    Anecdotally older residents would talk about windows shattering when the guns were test-fired. How true this is I don't know.
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    Interesting Paul, where the defenses ever put to the test. Did the Japanese ever try to assult fremantle with anything bigger than a midget submarine?

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    Cheers for those.
    Nice to see stuff from someone else's 'Home Front.'
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    A very interesting thread and photographs.

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    This post has been rebuilt.


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