WWII tours of North Africa

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    In 2011 I went on two tours with Steve Hamilton. On the May tour see we went to Sfax and vicinity and headed over to Sidi Bou Zid then to Kasserine, and many places further north. On the November tour we headed straight to Kasserine to see more detailed areas there, Sbeitla, the Tine Valley, to mention a few.

    In October/November 2012 I was with Steve for the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of El Alamein. We toured many places within Egypt. Then we split into a smaller group and went to Libya mostly around Tobruk. Followed up with Tunisia from the British/New Zealand/Australian perspective from the Mareth Line to Gabes, Sfax, Takrouna, Tebaga Gap, plus many other places.

    Steve is very knowledgeable about the battle sites, his grandfather P. Clifford, a tanker was killed south of Sfax and buried at the Military Cemetery at Sfax. Exceptional tours, in my opinion. I would like to go back to Libya to see more there.
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    We may have to wait quite a while before battlefield touring in North Africa will be safe. No telling how long the current problems there will last.


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