Updated Resource WWII Tank Names - Re-formatted 2023-04-17

WWI and Pre WWII Tank and Vehicle Names V7 - Re-formatted

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    Thanks Chris,

    I had a couple of emails from people saying that they could not open the file properly and it was difficult to read, probably because of the number of columns I had to squeeze in, so I have tweaked it a bit. I have removed the Crew column and merged the 2 Comment columns into one now I don't have to reduce the Excel file so much making the text larger and easier to read. Still working on V8 which has over 100 new names already.


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    HI Kevin, Just found this list. I have a tank name that is not on your list. It's an Archer tank S279645 with the name "Castleford". This was my fathers tank who was with the 55th anti tank 220 bty. Sorry I don't know the date. I have another photo of an Archer tank S279820 named "Wakefield". Again with the 55th anti tank. I hope this may be of use to you.


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