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    Greetings WW2TALK,
    Sorry for my absense from this site. Work has been ABSOLUTELY retarded lately but.........Just like MacArthur......I HAVE RETURNED!

    I would like to ask you guys a question or two. I am working on a series of WW2 Short Stories, but I am kind of having a stint of writers block, or...more or less, I am having a hard time thinking up some neat ideas.

    I was thinking of starting off this short story by having a Canadian aircraft crash somewhere, while it was carrying a "Top Secret" project to change the tide of war.
    At this point, the German Army is destroying everything in its path and laying waste to anything and anyone who opposes it, but the contents of this "project" is the last hope.
    I am unsure as to what this should be though, I'm not sure if my brain doesn't want to work, or I'm just overthinking ideas and nothing coming to my mind.

    The inhabitants of the aircraft are going to be members of the Devils Brigade, and the aircraft, is yet to be determined as to what aircraft this will be.

    I'd like to ask you all for help, suggestions, or just any words of encouragement to get the juices flowing. I'd love to start writing, as I've been wanting to write something for quite some time.

    Thanks guys! Look forward to writing this short story!
  2. GeeDubayou

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    Just had a strange thought....we all know that the US's entry into WWII came later after Pearl Harbor, but had Pearl Harbor would the US still have gotten involved? Or was the US in the war before Pearl?
  3. Tom Canning

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    Rooseveldt and the US were knee deep in WW2 long before Pearl but the general population were not buying into it until Pearl which got them fighting mad - then they joined in

  4. wowtank

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    A US Navy pilot spotted the Bismark!
  5. wowtank

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    For the Aircraft the may I suggest a Shorts Sterling as the SAS used them (Would have to be after '41). It could crash on it way to Northern Ireland and crash in √Čire. They could be carrying a formula for a Nerve toxin?

    LOl it would have to '42 at least to have Devils Brigade:) and if it ever get made into a movie or a book I am calming a writing credit for the premise hehe
  6. GeeDubayou

    GeeDubayou Member

    Thanks for the info guys.
    I've had a change of plot, rather than the Devils Brigade it's going to be the KG 200. I've got so much ideas and I'm scared to put the pen to paper. I don't want to see what comes out lol.
    Most of the short stories are going to be about the Germans, but I'll be doing some Allied ones too.
    I look forward to seeing what you all think of the stories as I finish them :)
  7. wowtank

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    I got so many as-well bits scribbled in note books dictaphone and documents.

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