WWII history of Schleswig-Holstein

Discussion in 'General' started by volkatron, Aug 25, 2010.

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    Hi as most are here I am quite interested in WWII. I am Australian and moving to Schleswig-Holstein next year to live. I'm interested in doing some research or something similar in the history of schleswig-holstein in WWII. I can't find much on the internet about it. I think there was a concentration camp somewhere around hamburg and flensburg was the capital for a while. I know of the kriegsmarine in kiel but I'm more interested in SS, wehrmacht, battles, camps etc.

    Does anyone know of any websites etc, that could point me in the right direction to start my research?

    Thanks very much
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    Welcome to the forum, volkatron.
    A quick search on camps in Schleswig-Holstein brought up this (subcamps of KZ Neuengamme), hope that helps.
    Ref links etc - do you speak German?

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