WWII EW Capability/Trade

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by TommoSLANR, Jul 11, 2017.

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    I'm wondering if the R Sigs had any EW capability during the war, and if so in what capacity?

    Was there a specific trade for it or course? And was there any frontline EW capability as opposed to Home Front (Bletchley, Listening Posts etc)

    I've heard of Phantom (GHQ Liason Regt) - Possibly something on their lines?

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    The Y Service was the umbrella term for wireless interception (WI > Y, get it?) for signals intelligence, so that sounds like the path to follow. As well as home establishments, there were also mobile units with the armies - Special Wireless Sections spring to mind. If memory serves, these were Intelligence Corps units but presumably had Royal Signals operators to intercept the signals for the Int Corps to assess or pass back for decoding.
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    Cheers idler, I'd heard of the Y Service before and Y Stations.

    Been reading up about the SWS earlier, were any attached to 1st or 6th Airborne Divisions? or elite teeth arms?
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    Thanks Orwell, the Arnhem one is interesting!

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