WWII cover ups

Discussion in 'General' started by raf, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. raf

    raf Senior Member

    It takes a generation if not longer for some truths to come out...

    as the 2nd world war generation are sadly coming to an end what cover ups do you know about or will come out soon..

    wasnt the MOD suppose to release all the info by year x

  2. Cpl Rootes

    Cpl Rootes Senior Member

    too true, all too true
  3. raf

    raf Senior Member

    so what can we expect and when.

    has anybody got any insight into this.

    or is it best to leave it for a few more years ...or even

    no comment.....or just name, rank, number.

    i know this could be a touchy subject

  4. sapper

    sapper WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    Not a touchy subject at all, there is what is know as the thirty year rule. When the thirty years are up, there are releases of huge amounts of previous secret documents.

    Though some are secret for a hundred years, and rightly so. It is to any Countries advantage to select what is to be put in the public domain. and what is not.
  5. raf

    raf Senior Member

    cheers sapps
  6. Cpl Rootes

    Cpl Rootes Senior Member

    yeah thanks sappy
  7. lancesergeant

    lancesergeant Senior Member

    You have the thirty year rule and I am not sure there is a fifty and a hundred year rule as well. The latter is to protect those who could be affected by an action. Having this means that they will be long. Trouble with this is that the defence of the realm and the officials secrets act, gives parliament the right to veto the release of potentially damaging material if persons living would be affected, distressed or sued as a result of the disclosure etc or if it was not deemed to be in the public interest, which would be defined and decided by them funny enough.
  8. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Information here from National Archives.
    About us | Freedom of Information
    The 30 year standard closure period no longer determines access to records; instead, information is assumed to be ┬┤open┬┤ right from the start unless one of the exemptions set out in the Act applies.

    Freedom of Information Act 2000
    Freedom of Information Act 2000
  9. spidge


  10. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

  11. spidge


    Was me Owen.

    Edited your post instead of taking the quote.

    I cannot accept 20,000 US POW's from ww2. They would have been with other nationalities, there presence in the German camps would have been registered and this would have blown the 1% death rate in German POW camps to smithereens.
  12. Drew5233

    Drew5233 #FuturePilot Patron 1940 Obsessive

    Just stumbled on this....Does anyone know of anymore cover ups?
  13. phylo_roadking

    phylo_roadking Very Senior Member

    FULL disclosure on the Hess business....why the Hurricanes were called off, why there happened to be forces exercising close to his intended landing place at Dungavel that night etc., intelligence files on the Marquis of Hamilton...

    The Ralph Edwards/Buill Tennant/Walter Monckton coup plan in June/July 1940...

    The death of the Duke of Kent...who was the mysterious extra person aboard the Sunderland?

    Full details from the BRITISH side at least of the Army's liaison with the Irish Defence Forces in 1940/41
  14. phylo_roadking

    phylo_roadking Very Senior Member

    And OF COURSE - how couldI forget...

    After the recent DNA findings on the skull fragment purported to be Hitler's for all these years....

    Where's Wally? :lol:
  15. Mike L

    Mike L Very Senior Member

    That's the one I want to see - Hess. Wonder if Smudger Jnr knows anything?
    Could 30 year rule apply here ie 30 years after his death in Spandau.

    Think I am right in saying loss of the Lancastria was withheld during WW2 (see other thread re Lancastria) anyone know when it was officially released?


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