WWI Turkish POW Beaded Snakes

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    In Egypt in World War 1, Turkish Prisoners of War passed their time by creating various objects decorated with colourful glass beads. The beaded snakes are probably the most well known items but they didn't stop there.
    Our family has a small collection of POW art including numerous snakes of varying lengths, a few lizards I guess they are, a woman's purse/handbag, two knives and several necklaces. The necklaces feature blue and white 'evil eyes' which in Turkish and Greek culture bring good luck.

    Here's a couple of pictures of the collection:



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    Lovely collection.
    Just showed my youngest who likes lizards, he was impressed.
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    Thanks Owen and nice to hear the youngest was impressed.
    The snakes and lizards are so well made. What's nice is one of snakes has our relatives name, rank and number spelled across it in black beads.

    Rather surprised the prisoners were allowed to make the daggers though.

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