WWI trenches found in Stirling park

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    From the BBC:

    Archaeologists have uncovered a World War I trench system in a Scottish city park.
    The trenches, used to train recruits of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, were found in Stirling's Kings Park after a tip-off from a retired park keeper.
    About 20m (66ft) of the zig-zag trench system was opened up over three days.
    The trenches have now been back-filled but could be the subject of further research in the future.
    Lorna Main, archaeology officer with Stirling Council, said there were not many training trench systems recorded
    She added: "It was really quite unusual to get the opportunity to explore something from that period."
    A similar set of trenches were discovered in Ross-shire in 2008.

    BBC News - WWI trenches found in Stirling park

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    Similarly there is a trench system in Manchesters Heaton Park where it was a training camp for the Manchester Regiment wWW1, now filled in but probably still intact under the soil , try on google earth to see if any marks are visible .

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