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Discussion in 'General' started by von Poop, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. von Poop

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    Hello, Sarah.
    Smells like quite a good idea to me.
    Dealer reviews make sense.

    Good luck keeping above the... strangeness... that seems often to go hand in hand with militaria.
  2. bamboo43

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    Hi Sarah,

    I like the idea of your website. Do you have a connection or are you a member of the British Medal forum? Where did you're grandfather serve in Burma?

    Best wishes

  3. Hi Steve!

    I'm not a member of the medal forum, but have recently started collecting as well so should look into that!

    Not sure where he served. The only information I have right now is that he serviced planes in the RAF but he has written his life story, so that will be good to read once I have the time!

  4. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    Hi Sarah,

    Oh how I wish all WW2 veterans had written down their stories. Good luck with the collecting. :)
  5. It is quite and advantage :) I see there is a Burma section on here, so once I do start reading I'm sure I will be getting involved over there too.
  6. fullerphone

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    Hello everyone,

    new member here, although been looking around on WW2Talk for a while.
    My main interest is the technical history and development of British Army signal equipment, and associated topics.

    Please have a look on my website www.wftw.nl


    wftw large4.jpg
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  7. rosstcorbett

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    It's great to see so many terrific websites!

    My friend Lawrence and I run a website called WW2 Nation. We have recently started making Youtube videos, one of which is below. We plan on making many more so if you like it please feel free to subscribe to our WW2 channel



  8. JohnS

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    My site is: www.stormboatkings.ca
  9. dbf

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  11. bamboo43

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  12. vitellino

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    Thanks Bamboo. Most of them get a lot of 'hits' which really pleases me.
  13. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    I have been completely amazed how many hits my website receives in an average day. The most important thing for me is that over 300 families have made contact with me in the last 5 years and I've been able to tell them what happened to their Chindit loved one, sometimes ending a 70 year wait for information.

    Best wishes

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  14. TijgerB

    TijgerB Member

    I understand you Steve thou not so many I have helped a few too. Among others I helped an American for whom I put in contact with the son of the body of his grandfather. A man who had more information on his grandfather by the way. NEI is a difficult area because people do not understand Dutch.
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  15. bamboo43

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    Hi TijgerB,

    Apart from the tremendous help you have given me with translations, I have also engaged the assistance of my daughters German language teacher (who is Dutch) and a Japanese language lecturer where I work, who is from the Philippines. As you can see, I have no shame when it comes to seeking help!!:blush:
  16. TijgerB

    TijgerB Member

    What is a friend if you cannot use them for something:-P Nah it was interesting to help you out and make sure one of my countrymen was remembered correct. Just like it is fun to help people to know their family story but you know all that:D
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  17. BereniceUK

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    Mine is mostly photos of war memorials, but also of war graves and family graves, and anything else war-related that catches my eye. I try to cover as much of England as I can, but am restricted to where I can get to by walking, on bus or train services, or the occasional car rental.

    It's not a website - I've adapted a forum, and last year the ownership of 'myfastforum' passed to an American host; that seems to have affected the number of visitors to my site, hence this post. But never trust my research into the names on memorials without checking it yourself, as I don't have the time or resources to guarantee complete accuracy. And because most war memorials date from the 1920s or before, I have the counties of Great Britain as they were then, hence both Isle of Ely and Soke of Peterborough.

    warmemorials.myfastforum.org -
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  18. Philip Reinders

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