WW2Talk linked to 'The Heritage Group'?

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  1. Ron Goldstein

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    Hi Mike !

    You are, of course, spot on when you say in Comment #30
    but there is another matter to be taken into consideration.

    When I write on this forum, I like to think I am sharing my views and opinions with others of similar interest, indeed this is why I chose this particular forum so many years ago.

    As I have mentioned earlier in this thread, what Heritage does is to simply lift passages of text without any context whatsoever and offer these unconnected items as "News".

    I am not a member of Heritage, have never signed up to any of their terms & conditions and would certainly like to learn more about the site before I personally would give them carte blanche to swipe (there is no other word for it) everything on ww2talk.

    Yes, be polite to them when discussing the matter and Yes. the matter might even turn out to be advantageous.

    They have, however been less than open in their dealings to-date and I, for one, would tell them so.


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  2. Steve Mac

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    Thank you both for your explanations.

    I had already read the Wiki explanation but, as with all things IT techy, it is written in a language incomprehensible to me - is it 'Klingon'? I was no further forward in understanding what an RSS Feed is than I was before reading Wiki.

    My concern regarding how an RSS Feed could be used stemmed from the fact that, both, my e-mail account has been hacked recently (as have those of other Forum members) and someone has been trying to hi-jack my bank account/ID; unsuccessfully so far.

    Anyway, thanks again for your very helpful explanations.


  3. von Poop

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    Everybody's email gets attacked.
    Tossers are after everybody's bank details.
    It's called being on the Internet.

    StopTheHacker - Ten Scariest Hacking Statistics.

    I have to completely reject any implication that the forum is currently the source of any such attacks.
    (Touch wood - all sites are vulnerable & a constant awareness of potential threats is a key part of running one, but we are currently clean as a whistle. If any such problem arises, as is always a possibility, we will inform people immediately.)
    Ask any group of web users no matter if the site they all visit in common is Amazon, a forum, a gaming network, whatever; and a percentage will be having some sort of problems.

    As this is getting increasingly tiresome, I've set the RSS feed to just throw out titles of threads, and not include the first post. If that emasculation of the service generates complaints (I don't use RSS, and don't know what most people need) I'll consider changing it back.
    To be honest, it looks a bit rubbish - limiting the idea of getting info/queries out to as wide an audience as possible by whatever means:
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