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    Thank you Robert and Owen. I will try and get a better understanding of Alfs age. Funny how researching one person leads on to other things.
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    Pakistan......there was no such province in British India before August 1947 when independence was granted so the photograph showing the Frontier of Pakistan must have been taken after August 1947.

    As to the evidence of the wearing of uniforms,my Royal Air Force "working blue" blouse was marked AM 1941.I can assure you I did not serve in the Second World War but 10 years later.

    Thinking about it,the photographs must have been from the province known as the "North West Frontier Province".
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    Well this is a little confusing. If Pakistan wasn't created until 1947 - then the 'Pakistan' sign picture below must have been from Aug 47 onwards. But!..... it looks like the same sign, scenery, and direction of view as my OP 'India' photo. If beyond the sign was in fact India there would be no need for the sign.

    With the previous comment about the slightly non-matching India text - i'm wondering if the answer is that the picture was ye olde photoshopped (but why?), or some disgruntled Indian didn't like giving up the land and reverted the sign to say 'India'?

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    Until 1947 it was the Indian - Afghanistan border, then it became the Pakistan - Afganistan border
    which is, in any era - towards Afghanistan
    So now you have just to know your grand uncles "Alf" birth of date, do some math and you have a near hit +/- 5years, WHEN this picture was made
    Any further official documents regarding your uncle and how to obtain these - here are quite a lot competent members ;-)
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    Regarding change in organisations whether territorial or business,there is always a period when the step change takes place over a period of time with regard to the remarking and identification of assets.The situation would be no different to a fledgling Pakistan where on independence the previous British Indian border was altered to signify the new state of Pakistan without too much delay and cost.

    As regards the Indian Frontier,from what I see the border notices forbid travel beyond that point into Afghanistan,The notices are in English which would be understood by British travellers and the like including Indians where English was an official language alongside Hindi.I cannot see any notices on the Afghan side of the frontier being in English,not that Afghans would have respected any frontier warnings.
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    Thank you

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