WW2 WO Uniform, RAF

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  2. murgo

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    Hi does this look right WW2 WO Uniform ,
    I know buttons are wrong type possibly changed after ww2

    Ribbon for 1939 - 45 star. Africa star. Italy star, Defence medal . War medal. stuck on last one if any one can help .
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    Last ribbon looks like Long Service and Good Conduct Medal but it has been sewn on back to front. It should be red then blue.

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    Yes it looks like a RAF Warrant Officer's Best Blue as indicated by the badge on the lower sleeve of the tunic.

    Who having served in the RAF would forget the dreaded SWO man.....the Station Warrant Officer who was in charge disciplinary matters on a station and had the ability to make the life of an erk, hell.The RAF Police were his enforcers.

    The rank addressed by those below him as "Sir" and those above him as "Mr"
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    thanks for the information, is they anyway of finding out more with just rank and name
    It looks like Gibbons

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