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    Hi, New to this site, Looking for information wrt my dad.He was in the RE and went through Italy, had leave in Rome Sept 1944. Informed me that he built and dismantled the bridges, looked after prisoners. John
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    After you get his service records, the appropriate war diaries will show you where he went.
    I did that for my Dad. He was with RA in North Africa and Italy.


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    If he was a Royal Engineer then it is likely that he did build and dismantle bridges.

    Whilst in Italy, between Sep 43 and Apr 45, the Allied Engineers built 2,832 fixed span Bailey bridges: 45 miles in total if set end to end, 120 floating Bailey or Treadway bridges, 490 railway viaducts and an incredible 430 permanent bridges.


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    Thanks Frank,
    He didn't say that many, he did however, mention Monte Cassino, but nothing else. He went on to build the M6 motorway bridges.

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