WW2 Weapon Effectiveness.

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    "One Matilda at Finschhafen took 50 hits from a 37mm and a 75mm, and was only disabled eventually by a hit on the track and track adjuster. (Realising the 37mm will not penetrate the Matilda the Japanese are now shooting at the tank tracks)."

    Results from a 500lb & 1000lb bomb drop on German tanks in an orchard showed much higher effectiveness than expected – 13.4 bombs per acre on 12 tanks resulted in 3 destroyed and 6 damaged by fire. No apparent relation was observable between fire damage and distance from the nearest crater.

    Users believe from experience in action that flamethrowers have a strong morale effect. It is estimated that a gallon of burning fuel in contact with the victim will kill.

    A trial conducted in 1943 tested proposed new tactics, whereby Churchills would advance though concentrations of friendly 25-pdr fire, by twice driving a squadron of Churchills through live artillery fire. It is concluded that the worst that can happen to a Churchill in these circumstances is immobilisation. The effect of a 25-pdr round exploding on a Churchill is described thus: "There is no adverse effect on the crew from a 25 pdr direct hit. Fragments cannot penetrate the tank, and the blast is not at all uncomfortable."

    This mentions that "...until quite recently, it was not known that very small fragments of shells, weighing less that 1/100 of an ounce, can easily kill a man."

    This paper investigates four theories about small-arms effectiveness: 1. Rifle and Bren shooting is generally so poor that the real accuracy of these weapons is never used; 2. Rifles and Brens are rarely used at long ranges except by snipers; 3. For semi-skilled troops, automatic weapons are disproportionately better than single shot; 4. The advantage of automatic over single-shot is increased by battle conditions.
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