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  1. r6751

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    A Call To Arms!

    We need 20 players right away! The war has expanded as Italy joined Germany and invaded France. It is May 1940 and we don't have enough men to fill all the roles.

    Strategic, Operational, Tactical, Espionage, Army, Navy, Air Decision-making roles all.

    No cost. No software download. Worth a look.

    We need a lot of good men to make it work. Are you up for a challenge?

    WW2 - The Big One -- FREE Game - Headquarters
  2. Shane Greer

    Shane Greer We're Doomed

    Downloading the rules to have a look. :)
  3. r6751

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    I have designed a game system that is truly unique for use with non-
    video games. Whether your game is with miniatures, table-top map paper
    games, or a pbem (email) game like mine, my system is easily adapted.

    Typical combat systems for these games see you rolling dice, sometimes
    a handful of them, to see who wins. My game has no dice and no random
    number generator. Results are obtained by comparing the advantages
    each side has in the engagement, and choices made by players.

    An advantage could be weather, terrain, larger force by type, air
    support, or any from a page long table of advantages. In addition,
    each player earns Command Points for victories and loses points for
    defeats. As the game progresses, your points can make the difference.

    The game that I am using this with is a very detailed WW2 game.
    Players who are history buffs or like thinking games will enjoy the
    challenge of dealing with multi-level, multi-player interaction. While
    the game is relaxed, it is not casual. There are 7 Manuals in addition
    to the base rules.

    For info:
    WW2 - The Big One -- FREE Game - Headquarters
  4. r6751

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    Game is under way, May 1940 - France, Britain, Commonwealth vs Germany & Italy

    Russia, USA, Japan still neutral.

    Players always needed as we expand the war.
  5. r6751

    r6751 Junior Member

    Update - game still going January 2011

    We need players!

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