WW2 SS Totenkopf Grouping

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    This grouping belonged to SS Totenkopf soldier, Rolf Schneider. He was born 8th of October 1920 in Flensburg. He served with various SS units as a Kradmelder, and surived the war. Of the items included, one is a portrait photo of Rolf and his brother Günther in their home town Flensburg, 1940. Another item is a Smaller studio portrait taken in Prague 1941. Two portrait photos taken in the field. POW Postcard from February 1946 sent home from Naples to his parents; notice how he lists himself as "Unteroffizier”. I’m guessing after he was captured he didn’t want them knowing his true rank which would have exposed that he was in the SS. And lastly included is his POW Discharge document, April 1946, with "Waffen SS" mentioning on the back. Unfortunately I don’t have much else info on him. I’m unsure if he was charged with any war crimes after the war.
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    Curious he was a prisoner in Naples after the war's end, as his division was never in Italy. The nearest they appear to have been is Hungary / Austria in the final weeks. See: 3rd SS Panzer Division Totenkopf - Wikipedia

    I am not an expert on the Italian campaign, so do not know if other SS divisions were present.
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    Jeremiah thank you very much for posting all the interesting photos and information in all of your threads it is greatly appreciated.
    Well done.

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    Of course! And thank you
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    Yeah that is interesting. I’m not sure honestly

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