WW2 Service Number Query - Rifleman H Ravenscroft - 14746461 - 2 RUR

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    Afternoon all

    I am interested in finding out more about Rifleman H Ravenscroft - 14746461 - who was injured on 29 November 1944 in Holland and listed as being with 2nd Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles at the time (see below).

    Am I correct in thinking that based on Geoff's post at Army Number Block Allocations this meant that he was originally with the General Service Corps?

    General Service Corps 14200001 - 15000000

    According to Wiki:
    "The role of the corps is to provide specialists, who are usually on the Special List or General List.
    From July 1942, army recruits were enlisted in the corps for their first six weeks so that their subsequent posting could take account of their skills and the Army's needs."

    If he was originally with the General Service Corps, does anyone know what type of "specialists" this might include and whether he could have been a Signalman?

    Any assistance greatly appreciated....

    Quis Separabit

    P.S. If anyone also happens to know what the handwritten code "770" alongside the entry means then this would also be greatly appreciated....

    2RUR 19441128-29 GBM_WO417_086_0128 - Rfn H RAVENSCROFT 14746461 wounded 770.jpg
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    From about Oct 1942 all Army recruits were posted to the General Service Corps for 6 weeks or so while various tests and evaluations were performed at the Initial Training Centre to find the best role for the recruit.

    The man would then be posted to a Primary Training Wing for further training.

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    Hi Steve

    Could the "Primary Training Wing" have included training to be a Signalman? Any idea what other specialist skills this might include?


    Quis Separabit
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    A man would be posted from GSC to a Regiment/Corps for further training at PTW.

    It all depended on which “square hole” the Army thought he was best suited to....could be infantry, Artillery, Engineers etc....or even Signals.

    You’ll need to have sight of his service record to answer your query.

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    Have a look at Ron Goldstein 's posting regards the GSC . He was a signaller in an RA unit after being in the GSC.
    That should shed some light on your query.
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