WW2 REME service record: 3 HRS, 6 Div Sect A.C. w/s, KMF 5, 1 TTC

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    Hi all

    Can anyone help with interpreting a service record?

    My grandfather was 920201 Craftsman Bertram Edward Wright, known as Eddie or Bert. He initially joined the Royal Artillery, Territorial Army, early in 1939, then transferred to the RAOC, then the REME on its foundation in 1942. He mostly repaired radios and talked often about repairing radios in tanks. I have obtained his service record and I'm looking to identify the units he was in and their war diaries so I can get a better idea of his movements and the unit activities.

    His posting record is attached, but I'm having trouble identifying the units he served with during his active service in North Africa (Algeria and Tunisia) and Italy, and the associated war diaries at the National Archive, can you help?

    I have managed to identify the most recent units:
    13 June 1943 posted to 12 Advanced Base Workshop - this was formed from the previous unit, the 3rd Heavy Repair Shop, diaries:
    WO 169/12405 1943 July-Dec
    WO 170/2954 1944 Jan-Dec

    And from 16 Sept 1944 until his repatriation in 1945 he was with the 711 Lines of Communication Telecommunications Workshop, diaries:
    WO170/3126 01Aug44-31Dec44
    WO170/6538 1945
    There's also a 1946 diary, but he was home by then.

    I'm struggling to find the diaries for the 3rd Heavy Repair Shop and for what seems to be 242 Wireless Section. the 3 HRS seems to be a RASC unit, would this be the right one? I also can't find a 242 Wireless Section - there is a 242 Company RASC but this seems to be a general transport company.

    Previous to the HRS he was in '6 Div Sect A.C. w/s' (from 1 Oct 1942) which I think means the 6th Divisional Section Armoured Corp Worshop' but can't find the specific diaries for this unit. Was it part of the 6th Armoured Division?

    The two records after the one above are cryptic: both have dittos with the first having 'D4' or 'DU' after it - what might this mean?

    Eddie's service record shows he embarked for North Africa on 12 Dec 1942, so I think he was probably in convoy KMF 5/KMF 5A which went from the Clyde to Gibraltar (KMF 5) and then some ships went onto North Africa (KMF 5A). Is there any way to find out which ship his unit would have been on?

    Prior to this he was at 1 TTC which I think means 1st Technical Training Centre, one of the 20 technical training centres set up to train already skilled technicians on army kit. I haven't been able to find out anything about this training centre, although a few other TTCs have diaries.

    If you can help with any of the above or have any questions which might help me search in the right direction I would be very appreciative. Attached also are the two pictures we have of Eddie on active service: one in Italy on Boxing Morning 1945 with two off his colleagues (Eddie is on the right of the trio) and one (Eddie 2) in an unknown location, Eddie is on the right.

    All comments gratefully welcomed!

    Many thanks!

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