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    I recently received my father's WW2 service records and need some help deciphering some of the abbreviations, especially associated with the companies he was assigned to, and also help in finding out as much as possible as to where his units went.
    He was a driver in the transport section of the RASC.
    He mentioned he was in the Desert Rats at some point and places he had been to, like El Alamein, Tripoli, Tobruk, Monte Cassino, and Dunkirk.
    So want to tie in these places to his service record entries. And any other detail as to where he may of trained.

    I have attached copies of his B103 and B200 forms.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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  2. davidbfpo

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    Welcome aboard. This is the most useful guide I have found so far: Second World War Abbreviations and Acronyms - Researching WW2

    I note the last image shows him with BNAF 10/9/1943 to 4/1/1946; this stands for British North Africa(n) Forces and as the name implies they were in North Africa, from Morocco to Libya (not Egypt from memory). It was a logistic command, with training and R&R roles - supporting the war primarily in Italy, later France and the Balkans.

    By time he arrived in North Africa the campaign there had ended in May 1943 and the Italian campaign started in July 1943 and the battle for Monte Cassino was January 1944 to mid-May 1944.

    Unless the records say different he could have visited El Alamein, Tripoli, Tobruk; less likely Monte Cassino,
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    The only way to find out whether he was in Italy - some Records Offices counted BNAF as including Italy, is to get the War Diaries for 558 Water Tanker Company from someone like Gary Tankard who is on the forum.

    He passed through Villach in Austria which, coming overland from North Africa, would take him through Italy. He has the Italy Star but that was given out if you spent 24 hours or more in the country and does not mean that he was there during the fighting part of campaign.


  4. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target All life is precious

    I have had a quick look through your posted Service Record, it looks interesting with much detail regarding dates but being RASC it is like trying to follow the route of a commercial delivery driver without his work sheet.
    I am not good on RASC terminology I'm afraid.
    In any case I feel that I should give other people a go!

    However the first page I looked at there are stamps from 509 Supply Column so you might find the link below interesting because on first look it seems to match some of the places on the Service Record sheet for 1940.
    Articles like this, books and websites are often very revealing. It all depends on what you write in the search engine and how much time you have,
    I am retired (say no more).

    I will keep an eye on this thread in case no one else turns up (unlikely) and help if I can.

    BBC - WW2 People's War - A short trip to France: RASC Diary
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  5. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target All life is precious

    My interpretation of handwriting & transcribed as follows.
    Entries selected from sheets in chronological order 1939- 1940

    Enlisted Croydon 27.10.38
    Embodied 1.9.39
    Granted 7 days leave Yeovil 9.10.39
    Granted 7 days leave 7.1.40
    Granted 4 days sick leave 14.1.40
    Granted Wartime Proficiency Pay 3.3.40 509 Supply Column

    See Peoples War Link above in #4

    Disembarked France 24.3.40
    Posted 44th Division 25.3.40

    See Link 44th Home Counties Division

    44th (Home Counties) Division - Wikipedia

    Brought on Strength wef 10.6.40 Ex BEF Southampton
    Commenced 44th Div Supply Column 8.6.40

    Granted 9 days substantive Pontefract 30.6.40 to 8.7.40
    Present with Unit 1.9.40
    Admitted to Military Hospital Pontefract 3.9.40
    Granted Driver Class III 7.9.40

    See how we go someone else might want to join in

    Any questions ref above, please check for errors.
    back tomorrow.
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  6. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target All life is precious

    There appears to be a page missing between 1940 and 1943.
    I am taking details from other sheets to try to fill the gap.
    If you have the page and would like it transcribed and annotated please upload it.

    As long as you are happy with this I will carry on transcribing and will post later.
    I am researching basic information about postings etc as I go so we will see what I can find.
    It might take some time.

    Anyone else interested is welcome to join in.
    Many hands make light work!
  7. Andy Graves

    Andy Graves New Member

    The 1940-1943 entries appear in the 20230122_124321 and 20230122_124011 files.

    Thank you so much for responding to my post and for taking the time to help.
    Appreciate what you have done

    Thank you!
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  8. Uncle Target

    Uncle Target All life is precious

    OK I will bin the rest.
    Typical RASC lots of SOS TOS then a sudden stop destination reached.
    A few interesting bits along the way.
    Perhaps someone will come up with an RASC website to identify the various units, similar to ra1939-45.
    REME are also difficult to follow as their LAD units are embedded in RA Regiments.
    I guess that some Signals can be a challenge along with ACC.

    At least if it goes BANG there is a chance someone knows about it.
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  9. davidbfpo

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    It appears there is no reference guide to the WW2 RASC, as Uncle Target refers.

    Due to the corps size and variety of roles I am not surprised. Anyway there could be some help within:

    1. A rather thin: Royal Army Service Corps - Wikipedia
    2. General Service Corps - Researching WW2 Soldiers List training depots only (not part of the RASC)
    3. There is one post thread, for reference on the RASC, but it's focus is the NW Europe campaign: ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS - Introduction
    4. As you mentioned the 'Desert Rats' there is this list of assigned units: Organsation of other units

    If you can identify his individual units that may provide a route to discovering more.

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