WW2 radio centre left to rot.

Discussion in 'Top Secret' started by Peter Clare, May 12, 2013.

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    A very similar site at Gilnahirk outside Belfast was used as an agricultural research station for several years afte the end of the Cold War and its aerials were dismantled...then left to wrack and ruin for some time....

    NOW however it's being converted into very upmarket flats/chalets, keeping the original fabric of and architectural cues of the former buildings. A killing for someone as it was JUST outside the "green belt" stop line for development on the edge of Belfast!
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    Reminds me of Milton Bryan too, the purpose built recording studio and headquarters of PWE clandestine broadcasting to Europe in WW2. The building has a preservation order on it but looks like it's about to collapse. Certainly no one seems bothered about it. “It’s not Bletchley Park you know”, as the caretaker said as he escorted me off the site.

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