WW2 Prisoner of war Burma - help needed please

Discussion in 'Prisoners of War' started by Jackie H Knapp, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. Jackie H Knapp

    Jackie H Knapp New Member

    I am researching the family history of my best friend for her 70th birthday.
    She knows her father was in a POW camp in Burma. He died in 1960, never having recovered from his experiences.
    The information I have for him is as follows.
    Private George Andrews
    Army Service number 5834445
    Date of capture 15/02/1942

    I believe he was in Camp number 4.

    Could anyone suggest where I may find out more information on him and his time during his imprisonment.
    Many thanks in advance.

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  2. BarbaraWT

    BarbaraWT Member

    Hi Jackie,
    Someone will be able to help you. It’s amazing your friends father survived his ordeal. No surprise he never recovered, there was no way of understanding just how cruel the Japanese were.
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  3. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    I rather think you may have the wrong George Andrews. The one you are showing the records for was a Private in the 5th Suffolk Regt, captured Singapore, transported from Singapore 17/10/42 and died 6/11/43.

    Edit: There are errors in this man's Service No. Some have 5834445, some 58344455, 18 Division Roll has 5834455.
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  4. Enigma1003

    Enigma1003 Member

    Very confusing.
    CWGC has service number 5834445 showing for Arthur Woods, 4th Suffolks, died 1945.

    If service number or regiment is not known, do you have a home address for 1942?
    Woods, 5834445.jpg
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  5. timuk

    timuk Well-Known Member

    George Andrews, 5834455, Private, Suffolk Regt
    Died 6/11/43 Chungkai War Cemetery

    Edited to add:
    Son of Henry and Jessie Andrews. Husband of Louisa Ellen Andrews. All from North Kensington, London
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  6. amberdog45

    amberdog45 Senior Member

    Hi Jackie, can you see George's death in this search engine at GRO? FreeBMD - Search
  7. bamboo43

    bamboo43 Very Senior Member

    From WO392/23 at the National Archives:

    Andrews G.  2.jpg
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  8. Jackie H Knapp

    Jackie H Knapp New Member

    Oh dear.
    Thank you all so much for your help.
    It's back to the drawing board/GRO/Ancestry/Find My Past tomorrow.
    I'll check his home address in 1942 too.
    Thank you.
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