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    He was in Austria when he was demobbed in 46 so that would make sense, great to be able to date it roughly! And for the bottom picture, absolutely astonished with the info, I can’t thank you enough! With that information, is it possible to find out where this bike would’ve been located?
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    No, sadly; all the vehicle allocation records appear to have been destroyed when the new post-war registration system was introduced in 1948 or so....To be honest, at that time they hardly knew what they still had...so many had been lost, destroyed, stolen or transferred to other forces.

    Do you have his service records ? It's a summer photo and he's wearing a helmet which almost certainly rules out 1940...the bike's not that clean but hasn't been updated or modified...I'd guess mid to late summer 1941...If his records in combination with a war diary tell you which wooden camp he was at, then you'll know.
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    Ah that’s a shame, not surprising though as from what I’ve read there was much ‘borrowing’ that went on between units! I do indeed, he was in the UK from March 1940-December 1942. Algeria/Tunisia until 43. Then onto Sicily, Italy and Austria. Served in the 26th Armoured Brigade Workshops as a driver however he rode despatches while in the UK before the REME came about. And then continued to do so throughout his career as I’ve been told a story of him hitting a mine while on his bike.
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